Here are presented a certain number of witness recording on our master Babuji. For the ones who did not get the chance to meet him before his physical departure in 1983, these accounts give a possibility to feel all the love that emanates from Him and can still be felt today.

            It is thus possible for anyone to experience, to immerse oneself in this Love, without any physical need of the Master. 

             Books classified from 1 to 5, listed chronologically, represent different journey through the world of our Master Babuji.

 1-India in the West   2-Sahaj Marg in Europe   3-Blossoms in the East

 4-The Garden of Hearts   5-Light in The Dark Continent

 Ragavendra Rao   Sister Kasturi   Thomas Morgensen  

 Sarnad   Rajagopalachari Jagannath Deshpande

 Gaikwad   Dr Parthasarathi   Fausto Russo   S A Sarnad

 Hans Gangloff   J Michel Piquemal   Annie Jehlen


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