We have started here to collect a certain number of photographic, audio and video documents. Some of these are rare and never seen before. They are free to access as we believe that everything is His, and we are mere instruments in the process. This is also why we have chosen to not have any director’s names appear for some of the documents.

            Here again, any personal contribution would be welcome.


Shahjahanpur 1971

Shahjahanpur 1973 Part 1

Shahjahanpur 1973 Part 2

Shahjahanpur 1973 Part 3

Sanary France 1975

Shahjahanpur Novembre 1977

Babuji 71-81 Part 1

Babuji 71-81 Part 2

Babuji 71-81 Part 3

Babuji 71-81 Part 4 Interview

Shahjahanpur 1979

Munick 1980

 Shahjahanpur Fevrier 1982

Paris Octobre 1982


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