Shri Ram Chandra, from Fatehgarh, affectionately called Lalaji, was born in a Hindu family. He brought Raja of Patanjali’s heart to heart spiritual transmission back to modern times. He also studied Sufism, which also possesses a master to disciple transmission method. He became one of the rare non Muslim Masters recognized by his peers.

          Having reached the Central region, He started to pray and asked for a “special personality” to be sent from the Center (called Bhuma). Some days later, Lalaji had a vision of a child who was just born. He transmitted to this child on his seventh day. Having seen the child absorbed everything , he knew his wish had been granted. In his autobiography, Babuji say “..........”

          One day, I asked Sister Kasturi this question and Ragavendra Rao gave us a practically identical answer: “If Babuji is a manifestation of the Center, why did he ever need a master?” She told me: “when this child (Babuji) was born, it was necessary for all the cells to become divinised , little by little, and going through all the steps of the path towards the Ultimate. The help of his Master was essential for this. He also received help from Swami Vivekananda, Patanjali, Lord Krishna and many others. Both of the latter progressively fused with Him as Lalaji said in his correspondance “......”

          Babuji is the Divine Personality who came from the Center. He is the Ultimate goal, the real goal of human life. He created the Sahaj Marg system and founded the Shri Ram Chandra mission in memory of his Master (they both had the same first name). He never declared himself “Master”, always leaving the first place to Lalaji. “If I ever declared myself Master, I would immediately fall down!”.  Rajagopalachari said in his journal, published under the name “India in the West” : Babuji had an answer to this: “If a person declared himself as a spiritual Master, they would no longer be worthy of dispensing any spiritual teachings”. 

         Since His departure from the physical world, which happened on 04/19/1983, his presence can be felt ever so deeply, and His transmission can be felt by anyone who wants to experience it. 

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