All books reproduced here have been copied from originals, edited in Shahjahanpur when Master was alive. They are presented in a PDF format, and can be downloaded free of charge (under the condition they not be modified) from any computer, tablet, phone or other electronic devices.

          We hope to be able to offer translations in other languages, be they European or Indian. 

Autobiography of R.C. 1  Autobiography of R.C. 2 vol 1

Autobiography of R.C. 2 vol 2  Autobiography of R.C. 2 vol 3

Commentary on Ten Commandments of S.M. Commentary on Ten Maxims of S.M. 

Efficacity of Raja Yoga    Philosophy of Sahaj Marg

Reality at Dawn     Role of the Abhyasi in S.M

Towards Infinity   Truth Eternal  

Voice Real 1  Voice Real 2




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